Naturization - A non-thermal,
solid state alternative to pasteurization that preserves flavor and nutrients while reducing energy consumption.

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Project Development Status

A proof-of-concept prototype has been successfully constructed and tested, and used as the basis to file a patent application. The goal of this device was to demonstrate that sufficiently intense field energy, absent a conducting current, could produce lethal electroporation. Patent has been granted in the United States, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico and China and pending in 35 other countries through the Patent Cooperative Treaty.

Over the course of approximately two years, HIECO developed two analytical models for high impedance electroporation: 1) a mathematical model based on field behavior and boundary conditions, and 2) an equivalent circuit model based on network theory. Both models were completed in the time and frequency domain, including both analytical and numeric formulary. The behavior of the equivalent circuit model was emulated in a virtual computer environment using an analytical software program called SPICE. MRT engaged the services of Dr. Weldon Vlasak, PhD Electric Engineering & Network Theory, George Washington University, to aid in this effort. Although diverse in their approach, the two models predict dynamic response and numeric results with good agreement.

The HIE concept and analytical models were reviewed by the National Institute of Nanotechnology in Edmonton, Alberta. The Institute analyzed the HIE model and assembled a 60 page report documenting their conclusions that HIE technology is technically feasible, and that the model is scientifically sound.

During the last two years, HIECO has entered into a contractual relationship with ACAMP (Alberta Center for Advanced Products) for the HIE Prototype development. To date Phase one through three have been completed successfully. We are now in the process of testing the alpha prototype and are pleased with the progress to date.

Presently, we have achieved up to 98% kill and 99.99% electroporation in yeast using the HIE device, and are developing our next generation of HIE devices. The temperature increase is less than 5oC with near negligible electrochemical or other negative effects.


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