Naturization - A non-thermal,
solid state alternative to pasteurization that preserves flavor and nutrients while reducing energy consumption.

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May-Ruben Technologies

About May-Ruben Technologies Inc.
May-Ruben Technologies was originally founded in 2005 as a partnership between long-time business associates Wayne May and Peter Ruben, to focus on technologies that save energy and address water issues, and in other ways improve the quality of life of people around the world.

MRT strives to better the world through technology innovation by creating environmentally-friendly and commercially-viable innovations. For a new technology to have a transformative impact on society it must not only be a revolutionary concept, it must also be economically competitive enough to become wide-spread, and economically sustainable enough to achieve long-term impacts.

MRT’s project portfolio consists of innovations that are multi-applicable and commercially competitive, with the potential for game-changing energy and financial savings across many economic sectors.

MRT has chosen to follow a design philosophy for all of its projects that incorporates simplicity, reliability, efficiency, utility, flexibility, and environmental integrity. We believe that these qualities will improve the problem-solving potential of our innovations in the real world, and lead to their wide-implementation and economic success.